Gianluca Sodaro was born in Sicily on Christmas Eve. He is a graduate of Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design (NABA). In those years Gianluca was a student of the Maestros Vittorio Fagone (Floridia IT, 1933), a world-renowned Art critic, Gianni Colombo (Milan, IT 1937 - 1993), starring internationally renowned Kinetic Art member and Emilio Isgrò (Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, IT 1937), the historical representative of Conceptual Art/Visual Poetry in the 1960s and whose artworks are exhibited in museums all around the world. Sodaro’s first steps in photography were mentored by photographers Umberto Agnello (Ragusa, IT 1962) and Enzo Nocera (Milan, IT 1944 – 1993).
Considering his artistic and creative skills, in 2003 he was invited as a director, promo writer/producer and copywriter by Fox International Channels to create promos and TV campaigns for the launch of the Fox channels and The History Channels in Italy. In three years at the Fox On-Air and Creative Department he wins 3 Gold Awards, 2 Silver Awards and 2 nominations at Promax BDA World and Europe.
In 2004 Gianluca Sodaro makes his first feature film "Cuore Scatenato" (Raging Heart) that receives the prestigious and coveted recognition of "feature film of Cultural Interest" from the "Italian Ministry or Cultural Heritage and Activities". The US Premiere takes place at the "International Miami Film Festival" in 2004 and Gianluca receives the award for the “Best Cinematography” at the "New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF)" in 2008. 
In the same year Gianluca Sodaro got in touch with American music composer Angelo Badalamenti (he'best known for his work scoring films for director David Lynch) who, after having seen "Cuore Scatenato" (Raging Heart) with great enthusiasm, called him for a future collaboration. 
Angelo Badalamenti makes the music score for "God’s Got His Head in the Clouds" (2012) and "Nowhen" (2018). These two short films have been shown, nominated and presented with awards in more than 45 film festivals all over the world.
Gianluca has just completed one more short film (as yet unreleased) and the British Oscar winner Rachel Portman (best known for her work scoring films for the movies Chocolat, The Cider House Rules, Emma, Oliver Twist, etc.) has composed its original music. 
As artist and photographer Gianluca Sodaro has his first photographic solo exhibition "Ageless - Dolls Have Time To Waste" at the Meno Nisa Contemporary Art Gallery in Vilnius (Lithuania, 2016), at the Radbury in Luxembourg (2016) and at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts in Downtown LA (December, 2016). Last August he had the solo exhibition "Sante ma donne" (Holy Women) in Castelubuono (Sicily) and at the "FotoFever Photography" in Paris in November 2019.
Gianluca adores the sound of cicadas.
If you're curious, you can also read his interview for the British Art and Culture magazine Aesthetica Magazine at
Gianluca Sodaro and Angelo Badalamenti at the Berkshire International Film  Festival 
(U.S.A. - May, 2013)
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